Payment destination

Please note that in order to receive the pension, a claimant must have a bank account. The claim must include the name of the bank, its address, and the account number to which the pension is to be transferred.

If there is no bank near the claimant's place of residence, the pension will be paid at the post office or the mobile post office, according to the decision of the claims officer.

The pension must be collected at the post office no later than the 19th of the month after the month of the payment. A pension that is not collected from the post office by that date will be added to one of the subsequent payments. If a pension is not collected for 3 consecutive months, payment will be stopped pending clarifications.

Please note, the National Insurance Institute pays the pension by cheque, online mail or a chargeable card only to people with debts who cannot open a bank account.

Members of a kibbutz or cooperative moshav

A member of a kibbutz or a cooperative moshav can have their pension paid into the account of the kibbutz or the cooperative moshav.

A person living in an institution

The pension of a person living in an institution and whose maintenance is paid for mostly by a public entity will be divided at the request of the public entity between the recipient, the public entity and the recipient's dependents.

A person who cannot collect the pension

If, in the opinion of the National Insurance Institute, a person cannot collect their pension due to medical constraints, it will be paid to the person appointed to receive it by the National Insurance Institute (notification to that effect will be sent in advance).

Changing the place of payment

A person can request that the National Insurance Institute change the place of payment of their pension at any time by submitting the Notification of Change of Personal Details form. To this application one must attach authorization from the bank noting details of the bank and joint holders of the account. To submit the application to change the place of payment one must please contact the National Insurance Institute branch closest to their place of residence.