Payment of a grant in 2021 to recipients of old-age pension recipients with increment for disability

We are glad to announce that the National Insurance Institute will pay a one-time grant for year 2021 to beneficiaries of a old-age pension with increment for general disability pension.

Please note, the person who receives an old-age pension without an increment to general disability pension - is not entitled to a grant.

When will the grant be paid?

The grant will be paid automatically in two times: First time on March 11, 2021, and the second time in June 2021.

Grant amount

The grant rate will be calculated based on:

  • The number of increments to disability pension received in year 2021: each month from January to June 2021 you received an old-age pension with increment to disability pension entitles you to a grant for the same month.
  • The degree of disability (incapacity) established for you when you received a general disability pension.

A calculator is at your disposition to calculate the amount of the grant.

Amount of the grant based on degree of incapacity you were granted:
​Degree of disability (incapacity)Grant monthly rate ​Grant rate paid in March 2021(for 3 months)Grant rate paid in June 2021 (for 3 months)​
100%​NIS 190​NIS 570NIS 570​
74%​​NIS 141NIS 423​NIS 423​
65%NIS 124​NIS 372​NIS 372​
60%NIS 114​NIS 342​NIS 342​