Recipients of other benefits from the National Insurance Institute

​By law, the National Insurance Institute (NII) does not pay several benefits in the same period of time, and you have to choose one of the benefits (beside child allowance and long-term care benefit, which are paid to you even if you are entitled to an old-age pension).

A simulator is at your disposition to let you check the possibility of receiving more than one benefit from the NII.

  • A person entitled to both an old-age pension and a survivors’ pension (widow or widower's pension) who has completed a qualifying period, will receive a full old-age pension as well as half of the survivors’ pension due him.
    Limitation: This right is not available to a housewife who is entitled to an old-age pension.
  • A woman who is entitled to both an old-age pension and a benefit to dependents of a work-injured person, will receive the full old age pension along with half the dependents’ benefit, or half the old-age pension along with the full dependents' benefit.
  • A person entitled to both an old-age pension and a permanent work disability pension, must choose one of the benefits. If the work disability pension is selected, its rate will not be less than that of the old-age pension the recipient would have received.
    Under certain circumstances, the NII will capitalize the disability pension (paying a lump sum instead of a pension), and after the capitalization the person will receive the old-age pension due him.
  • A woman aged 62-67 who is entitled to an old-age pension, and stopped working - should check here eligibility for unemployment benefit as well.
  • A woman aged 62-67 who is eligible to an old age pension and has limited mobility might be eligible for a mobility allowance.