Service to the public without waiting in line for 80-year-old and older insured

"You shall rise before a venerable person and you shall respect the elderly" (Vayikra 19, 32)

For your benefit and ease, citizens who reached advanced age – the Senior Citizen Law (2017) was amended at the initiative of the Minister of Social Equality: from now on, the 80-year-old and older insured can receive service to the public without waiting in line (if they wish).

In order to enjoy that right easily, we have issued for you a card "Exempted from Waiting Line".

The service to the public is a front office service (not phone service) provided to the public by public authorities and public places.

Public authorities are:

  • Government Ministry and related units;
  • Municipality, local Council, regional Council;
  • Beit David Ben-Gurion, Yad Vashem, Yad Yitzchak Ben-Zvi, Israel Bar Association, National Insurance Institute, Yitzchak Rabin Commemorative Center, Center for Menachem Begin's Memorial and Study of Zionist Struggle for Israel's Independence, Israel Nature and National Parks Conservation Authority;
  • HALAD (Government Municipal Corporation for Residential Restoration and Development Ltd.), Corporation for Restoration and Development of the Jewish Quarter Ltd., HALAMISH Government Municipal Corporation for Housing, Restoration and Neighborhood Renovation in Tel Aviv-Yafo Ltd., AMIDAR National Corporation for Housing Project in Israel Ltd., SHIKMONA Government Municipal Corporation for Residential Restoration in Haifa Ltd., Israel Electric Corporation Ltd., Israel Railways Ltd., The Old Acre (Akko) Development Company Ltd., Western Wall Heritage Foundation, East Jerusalem Development Ltd., Museum of the Jewish People at Beit Hatfutsot Ltd.;
  • The Jewish Agency for Israel;
  • Medical secretariat services at Health Maintenance Organizations.


Public places are:

  • Post office
  • Bank branch
  • Cinema, theater, showroom, stadium
  • Gallery, museum, library
  • Central station or public transport terminal
  • Memorial site, national site, antiquities site, national park and nature reserve
  • Large store (at least 250 sqm)

Services and situations deprived of exemption from waiting in line:

  • Medical services
  • Cars waiting in line
  • Lines with pre-scheduled appointments

Priority is given to people with disability (under the Equal Rights For People with Disability Law, 5758-1998).

We invite you to address any inquiry on this matter to the telephone call center for senior citizens of the Ministry of Social Equality, at *8840.

Card front

The back of the card