Debt due to receiving an overpayment of benefit

Under article 315 of the National Insurance Law, a person who receives a payment by mistake or illegally is obligated to return the amounts that he received by mistake or illegally.

Under law, the National Insurance Institute may deduct the amounts paid by mistake from the person's benefit, and may initiate enforcement procedures in order to collect the debt.

The NI may take the person's health and socio-economic  situation into account in the method it uses to collect the debt, and when necessary may reach an agreement with the debtor on a convenient payment arrangement.

In cases in which the person's health or socio-economic situation is very difficult (for example, if he has a terminal disease), the NII may decide to forgo part or all of the debt.

After overpayment of a benefit, you may use a request for review of debt form to submit a request to the Committee for Reviewing Debts.

One can pay a debt that has arisen from an overpayment of benefit on the payment site, or by means of the phone center for payment of debt due to overpayment of benefit.