Marriage grant

A marriage grant is paid to a widow/er who is receiving a survivors’ pension and remarries.

Rate of the grant - the equivalent of 36 monthly pension payments. The grant is paid in two installments: the first after the date of the remarriage and the second two years later.

The second marriage grant is paid automatically.

Widows or widowers who remarry are no longer entitled to receive a survivors’ pension, although they may be entitled to continued payments or renewal thereof under certain conditions:

  • If a remarried widow/er commenced divorce proceedings or was divorced within 10 years of the wedding date.
  • If a widow remarries and her husband’s income in the month of the wedding does not exceed the maximum income of NIS 6,014 (as of Jan 01, 2022) and ONE of the following conditions is met:
    -  Her husband is not capable of supporting himself.

    -  On the date of their wedding her husband was 60 years old.