Staying abroad

If you are staying abroad, you are paid the survivors’ pension abroad for a maximum of 6 months, and if you went abroad on or after August 1, 2009, the survivors pension will be paid to you abroad for up to 3 months.
Your pension will be paid into your bank account in Israel.

If you intend to stay abroad for more than 3 months, you must notify the National Insurance Institute (Old Age and Survivors Department) of your trip. Under special circumstances, the National Insurance Institute will continue to pay you the pension during your stay abroad, even after the aforementioned time limits.

If you live in a convention country, you may receive the pension in that country, even if the deceased was not a resident of Israel at the time of death

For more details, you can contact us through the website.

 Survivors residing in the United States may receive the pension while in the United States, only if the deceased was a resident of Israel at the time of death, and the survivors received a survivors’ pension under the law before leaving for the United States.

If you are staying abroad and receiving a survivors’ pension from the National Insurance Institute, please note: Once a year you are required to submit a Life Certificate signed by the Consulate / recognized notary / local authority / social institution to the National Insurance Institute in Israel.

Recipients of an income supplement who have not yet reached retirement age must give notice of every trip abroad. For each full month (from the first of the month to the 30th or 31st of the month) that you are abroad, you will not be paid the income supplement.

If you went abroad more than once in one calendar year (from January to December of that year), on your second departure abroad and on your future departures abroad, the income supplement will not be paid to you for the month in which you went abroad, or for the month in which you returned from abroad.

Recipients of an income supplement who have reached retirement age must give notice of every departure abroad. For the principles related to receiving an income supplement abroad, see principles applicable to recipients of an old-age pension with income supplement.

Women receiving a special survivors’ benefit abroad: Your continued entitlement to payment of the special survivors’ benefit will be re-examined according to the period of time you spend abroad:

  • Recipients of a special survivors’ benefit who go abroad temporarily but remain residents of Israel continue to receive the benefit for the month of departure and for one calendar month only after this month. After this date, the payment of the benefit shall be terminated. The benefit is renewed at the discretion of the National Insurance Institute during the month in which you return to Israel.
  • If you are receiving a special survivors’ benefit and you stay abroad for a prolonged period of time, the benefit will be terminated from the month in which you went abroad. The benefit is renewed only if you are recognized as a resident of Israel.