For those receiving other benefits from the National Insurance Institute

Those who are unemployed and receive the following benefits will not be entitled, at the same time, to unemployment benefits:

  • Work injury allowance
  • Pregnancy bed rest benefit
  • Maternity allowance
  • Benefits to reservists - reserve service benefit to unemployed individuals will be, at least, of the same rate as unemployed benefits to which they would be entitled were they not serving in reserve service. The unemployed have to inform the Employment Service about their reserve service duty, to prevent unemployment days to be registered by mistake during reserve service.
  • An unemployed woman, who is also entitled to unemployment benefits, as well as old-age pension at the same time, will receive the two benefits until  28.2.23. During that time, unemployment benefits will not be accounted as double benefits rather as work income.
    From 1.3.23 you will receive the higher of the two benefits. The calculation will be performed on a monthly basis.
  • One can receive an unemployment benefit as well as a general disability pension/maintenance/income support until 28.2.23. In that period, unemployment benefits will be accounted as work income for purposes of calculating the increment for a spouse and children to the general disability pension or calculating the amount of maintenance and income support benefits.

If you meet the conditions of entitlement of more than one benefit from the National Insurance Institute, a simulator is at your disposition to let you check whether you are entitled to both benefits simultaneously or only one of them.