Volunteering in the rehabilitation branch

The heart calls to volunteer

Rehabilitation Departments of NII branches invite you to volunteer for people with disabilities, hostile action casualties, widows and widowers.

Take part and be there for them, to accompany and assist them, to visit their homes and help them to realize their rights in the National Insurance Institute and authorities in the community.

We are looking for volunteers willing to share their life experience and participate in a meaningful social activity.

Hebrew, Arabic or Russian speakers.

Volunteers will receive professional training in the course of their work.

To receive further details and apply, contact us:

By telephone: 09-74778284

By email: davidi@nioi.gov.il


Volunteers' roles

Volunteers will have two main roles:

1. Accompanying rehabilitees and their families

The volunteers accompany the families of hostile action casualties, people with disabilities, widows and widowers with a longterm individual follow-up and the reinforcement of interpersonal relationshiphs within the family. In addition, they may help with the following roles:

  • Treatment supporter - home visits, personal mentoring, listening ear, social meeting.
  • Technical assistance - transportation, translation services, home repairs.
  • Organizational help - assistance in intermediation with varying authorities

2. Volunteering in Counseling Centers for the Disabled

The volunteers service, located in NII's service centers across the country, help applicants to realize the rights of the disabled with the National Insurance Institute and other authorities.
Volunteers help in filling out forms, writting appeal letters, translation, guidance in performing a number of actions, preparation to Medical Boards and giving clarifications regarding rights in the NII and other authorities.