Maintenance (Alimony) Benefit Calculator

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This simulator is designed for the approximate calculation of maintenance (alimony) benefits paid by the National Insurance Institute for those holding a judgment on alimony and who do not receive the payment due by the person obligated to maintenance.
If you have reached retirement age, you will not be able to use the simulator, and you are asked to contact the branch nearest to the place of residence, in order to inquire your eligibility for the benefit.

Anytime the amount of maintenance benefits calculated by the simulator is below the amount ruled by the judgment on maintenance, the National Insurance Institute will pay the balance to the entitled after collecting the full amount ruled by the judgment from the obligated person. Detailed explanation on the "Maintenance" website.

On this simulator, we have used for convenience the female form for the creditor and the male form for the debtor, however each form refers to both men and women.
Please note, eligibility for maintenance benefits from the National Insurance Institute and their amount will be determined exclusively by the claims officer of the National Insurance Institute.

יש לענות על השאלות הבאות, וללחוץ על כפתור "המשך" לשלב הבא.
In case there is more than one court judgement on alimony, sums from all judgements must be aggregated.
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