How a Request/Proposal is Processed

The proposal is checked by a Fund employee according to the criteria for providing assistance.

Application handling process

  1. Applications for assistance must be filed upon an online application form as defined for all submission of assistance request or call for proposals, through the Mafteach system, and by attaching all required documents.
  2. The Fund will screen applications with a first filtering process checking that qualitative and priority prerequisites are met, up until full allocation of the budget set forth in the call for proposals.
  3. Applications meeting these prerequisites will be examined using ratios assessing the quality of the program (the need for the program, target population and scope of activities, rationale, goals and success factors, feasibility, upgradability and potential upscaling), organization capacity to support the program (from a professional and financial point of view), and according to the order of priority prescribed by the Fund's policy.
  4. Assistance will be granted to mature applications meeting prerequisites and taking into account the quality of the applications and priority criteria, up until full allocation of the budget set forth in the call for proposals.
  5. Giving the assistance is conditional upon the approval of the Committees of the National Insurance.
  6. After completing the approval process by National Insurance's Committees, the organization will be asked to sign an legal agreement that will include a commitment regarding: publication, research and audit; reporting on meeting defined goals (using the format determined by the Fund); anchoring project milestones and method of payment installments.