How a Request/Proposal is Processed

The proposal is checked by a Fund employee according to the criteria for providing assistance.

The proposal is evaluated by a Fund worker according to the criteria for providing assistance.

A Fund employee visits the project locality together with outside experts in the relevant field and examines the request.

After this examination, an opinion is presented and the detailed request is brought up for discussion by the Fund committee, appointed by the NII Executive Board.

After approval by the Fund committee, the request is brought for discussion before the Disability Committee of the NII Council.

After approval by the Disability Committee, a contract is signed between the applicant and the NII. In the contract, the NII commits itself to provide financial assistance according to a specified time-table, and the applicant commits himself to financial participation during the period of the NII assistance as well as to continued operation of the project after this assistance ends.

The project is implemented and supervised by a regional steering committee comprised of representatives of the NII, the applicant and the relevant Ministry. The task of the steering committee is to guide and supervise the project as well as to approve the various stages of implementation as in keeping with the contract.