How to Submit Forms and Documents

The organization proposing the project or service must submit its application on the Fund’s official application form. Handwritten applications will not be accepted.     

The following forms are available for download, in Hebrew:                

Complete information on the request should be submitted, taking into account the following points:

A general description of the project
– including a professional plan
The target population – the number of candidates, their ages, the scope of the potential population not yet examined
The location of the project and the geographical area in which the relevant service will be provided
Whether it is an existing or a new service
The physical structure designated for the project (owned, rented – must include the contract), area and description of the structure; is it suitable for its designation? If not – details of the required renovations, technical specifications, quantities.
A description of the activities taking place in the structure and their scope, including the days of activities and types of activities/work.
Equipment – a list of existing and required equipment. Every required item should include two price proposals. Detailed explanations of all treatment and occupational equipment required.
Manpower – existing or planned staff. The number of staff members, their composition by profession, job scope (part or full time, and how their wages are to be financed (please include authorizations).
A detailed recommendation from the supervisor of the designated office. A professional opinion, current financing of operations, forecast of future activities, importance of the project, etc. The recommendation should explain the need for the request, the scope of the request, existing or similar services in the area that can meet needs of the population. Detailed information on the body that will sign the contract with the NII should be included (a minimum of 20% of the total cost of the scope of assistance should be taken into account.)