Additional report for pensioners, students in vocational training, employees on unpaid leave, lecturers and artists

Under law, in addition to the report of national insurance contributions and health insurance contributions that the employer submits each month, on the 15th of each month, the employer is obligated to submit a mechanized report to the NII once a quarter with the following personal information of the of categories workers:
  • Pensioners on early retirement
  • Students in vocational training
  • Employees on unpaid leave
  • Lecturers / artists who report as salaried workers according to the insured classification order
For whom the employer reported and paid insurance contributions for the previous quarter year.

Filing date of quarterly reports

The report for January – March must be submitted by April 15th
The report for April – June must be submitted by July 15th
The report for July – September must be submitted by October 15th
The report for October – December must be submitted by January 15th

Qarterly reports methods 

  • Filling out an online form (electronic form) via the payments website
    There is no need to register in advance in order to submit a report via the payments website.
    On the payments website you need to choose from the main menu “filing online form”, then you need to choose one of the options, according to the report being filed:
    - Report involving salary data on lecturers, guides, artists.
    - Report on early retirement pensioners, vocational training or rehabilitation employees, employees on unpaid leave.
    For purposes of verifying of the report you need to type in the code (register identification) that is written on the pay book that was sent to you.
    In each form you can list up to 20 persons. For additional persons, you must create a new form. 
  • Transmitting file via the business connections system
    You need to register in advance in order to enter the system.
    Explanations regarding the registration process to the site can be found on the buisness connections website – by clicking on “registration to the system”. 
    In addition, you can receive the file format for the following employees:
    Early retirement pensioners, students in vocational training, employees on unpaid leave, lecturers, artists.
  • Transmitting file via “Customers Representation” System
    Representative connected to the NII system “Customers Representation” can transmit a file via the “Customers Representation” website.