Sending form 126

​As of January 2016, the employer and the payer of an early pension have the obligation to report to the National Insurance Institute.

Reporting is carried out online, on Form 126 - rules on work salary or early pension.

To the document structure of form 126 reporting have been added two fields related to National Insurance file.
The document structure is similar to the document structure of the income tax.

The report is done on three dates, as detailed below:

  • Until July 18, every year - for the months of January to June of that year.
  • Until January 18, every year - for the months of January to December of the preceding year.
  • Until April 30, every year - for the preceding tax year; all employers are given a time extension for the report filing pursuant to section 166 of Income Tax Ordinance. (this report is similar to the income tax report and represents a final authorization reviewed by a professional accountant or the employer's accounting).

Reporting and sending form 126