Grant to the employer of a worker who spent time in a shelter for abused women in 2021 onwards

The employer, whose employee has been in a shelter for women victims of violence in 2021 or later, and who, after she left the shelter, continued to employ her for at least 150 days - will be entitled to a one-time grant of NIS 5,000.

Conditions for eligibility for the grant

To receive the grant, all of the following conditions must be met:

  1. The employer has employed the female worker for 6 consecutive months or more before her in a shelter for abused women.

  2. The worker who stayed in a shelter for abused women, with the approval of the Department of Social Services or the Ministry of Labor and Welfare, in 2021 onwards, duly notified the employer thereof and the employer did not dismiss her during that period.

  3. The employer continued to employ the worker for at least 150 consecutive days after she left the shelter (per calendar days - ie about 5 months of work).

Important Information!

  • If, after leaving the shelter, the woman has started working for another employer for at least 150 days - she is not entitled to a grant.
  • The employer who fired the employee at the end of 150 days she employed her following the day she left the shelter - will be entitled to a grant.

Submitting a grant claim

In order to receive the grant, the employer must submit a claim to us using a Form BL/5646 and attach to the claim a statement from the employee regarding her stay in the shelter + a confirmation from the Ministry of Labor and Welfare that the employee spent time in the shelter.

The claim must be sent by email to or by post mail to: National Insurance, Reserve Service Department, Head Office, 13 Weizmann Blvd., Jerusalem, Zip Code 919909.

Please note, the claim can be filed at any time, even for a retroactive period.

For more information on the subject (in Hebrew), click here