Reimbursement of medical insurance contributions and medical expenses

If we have recognized you, retroactively, as an Israeli resident, you can submit a refund request for expesnes related to a private medical insurance paid a HMO, and to medical services.

Refund of medical expenses

Refund for medical expenses are granted for medical services paid for during the period in which you have been recognized, retroactively, as Israeli resident, and on condition that you were not subject, during that time, to a waiting period for medical services.
Refund is awarded for medical services included in the service basket and according to the rates of the Ministry of Health.
To get a refund for medical expenses, you need to approach the Medical Expenses Refund Committee of the Ministry of Health.
For inquiries and clarifications you can contact the Ministry of Health by telephone at *5400.
To learn more about how to submit a claim to the Ministry of Health and ways to contact us - click here.

Refund of private medical insurance with HMO

To receive a refund of medical insurance contributions, you have to file an online request through the website.
To the request must be attached the private insurance receipts, a bank account management certificate, and pay slips (for salaried employees).

Please note, the refund amount is: NIS 116 (as of Jan 01, 2024) per month.