Yeshiva students


An Israeli resident registered as a student of a religious institute.

How to register?

Registration at the National Insurance Institute as a Yeshiva student is made automatically by transferring information to Torani institutions. Unless the information is automatically received by the NII, a certificate of studies, signed by the Yeshiva and mentioning the student's details and the period of studies, must be sent to the Insurance and Collection Department.

The certificate can be sent by means of the internet site or submitted at your local NII branch.

Insurance contributions rate and payment method

A Yeshiva student must pay his own national and health insurance contributions at minimum rates - NIS 139 per month. Rate as of Jan 01, 2023.

Methods of payment of insurance contributions

Eligibility for benefits

Yeshiva students may be entitled to the following benefits:

Children, old-age pension, reserve service, accident-injured persons, disability, attendance allowance, mobility, persons injured while volunteering, family of a person deceased due to a work accident, long-term care, radiation-affected persons, persons with transfusion-acquired HIV, prisoners of Zion, family of a person deceased due to hostile action, survivors, benefit for a newborn whose mother died during childbirth, hostile action casualties.