How to Submit Claim

The request should be filled out on the form for submitting request to the Information Transfer Committee, in accordance with the guidelines indicated on the form. If the request is granted, the requesting body will be asked to fill out a request form to receive information from a public body – form A. The original, signed form should be sent to the National Insurance Institute,  Jaffa Rd 217, Jerusalem,  9199908  care of Zehava Zalman.
Please note: The NII cannot transfer any personal information on its insured, due to the Privacy Defense Law. The requests should therefore be examined in accordance with the requirements of the law. The decisions of the committee are sent by regular Israeli post only. Please give an exact and clear address. If necessary, in addition to the request form, you may send a file with more specific information (optional). If such a file is sent, please indicate this on the relevant place in the form.