Grant to each citizen

Following the coronavirus crisis and to bring you some relief during this period, the National Insurance Institute will pay a grant to each citizen.

We are preparing for the automatic payment of the grant directly to your bank account.

A simulator is at your disposition to calculate the amount of the grant.

To whom will the grant be paid?

Grant for children

Parents of children up to age 18 will receive a grant for each child for whom a child allowance is paid, in the following amounts:

  • Grant of NIS 500 for each child – up to the fourth child.
  • Grant of NIS 300 for each child – from the fifth child and up.
Please note that the grant for children was paid on 2.8.2020 to the bank account used for payment of child allowance, and there is no need to contact us.

750 NIS grant to each resident aged 18 and over

An Israeli resident as well as those holding a staying permit and an identification number from the National Insurance Institute (77) who were born until June 30, 2002 – will receive a grant of NIS 750
The grant will be paid into your bank account as shown in the records of the National Insurance Institute.

Those who don't have any bank account registered in our records, need to update a bank account on the website.

Who is not eligible for the grant?

  • Persons whose 2019 income was above NIS 649,560 (or 641,880 for 2018 if his income for 2019 is not declared yet).
  • Persons who were liable to submit an income tax return for year 2018 and failed to do so.
  • Holders of a staying permit and identification number who is not recognized as Israeli resident by the National Insurance Institute.

For inquiries regarding income determination, please contact the Tax Authority by sending an online inquiry on the Tax Authority's website or through a representative.

Increased grant for benefit recipients

Anyone who receives one of the benefits listed below, will be entitled to an additional grant of NIS 750, in other words receive an increased grant of NIS 1,500.

The concerned benefits are: general disability / income support / alimony / long-term care or attendance beyond retirement age / old age and survivors with income supplement or increment for disability / disabled victims of hostile actions, disabled IDF casualties and prisoners of Zion, subject to income tests / disability and attendance for new immigrants  / Disability pension for victims of Nazi's persecution and war against Nazis, and their widows, from the Ministry of Finance, subject to income tests / benefits to new immigrant and returning resident in need, from the Ministry of Absorption.

Please note that the grant will be paid to you on Tuesday, 4.8.20, and Wednesday, 5.8.20, to your bank account updated in our records, and there is no need to contact us.

Eligibility for an increased grant when both spouses are benefit recipients:

  • If one of the spouses receives an income support benefit, income supplement to old-age or survivors' pension, maintenance payments or a benefit for new immigrant and returning resident in need (from the Authority of Integration) – the increased grant will only be paid to one of the spouses.
  • If the couple receives an income support benefit, and one of the spouses also receives one of the other benefits listed above – each one of them will receive an increased grant.
  • If both spouses are entitled to other benefits than those listed above – each one of them will receive an increased grant.
A simulator is at your disposition to calculate the amount of the grant.

Grant payment

Payment to the bank account

We will pay the grant directly to the beneficiary's bank account appearing in our records.
You can check on the website the status of the bank account details to which the payment will be transferred and, if needed, change the details, or via your Personal Service account as well.
Kibbutz members can update the bank details registered in their name only, not the account details in the kibbutz name.

From Sunday, 23.8.20, those who did not receive the grant can obtain it in cash at post offices.
Those who are not willing to go to a post office can update their bank account on our website, and the payment will mad to their bank account as of 15.10.2020, only after verification that the grant has not already been paid through the postal bank and after receiving back the money of the grant from postal bank.

Payment to those without a bank account

Those who do not have a bank account – will be able to receive the grant in cash at the post office bank, as of Sunday, 23 August and following weeks.

You must present yourself to the postal bank with an identity card or a driving license. For post offices operating hours, click here

Holders of a staying permit A2 and A4 from the Population Authority who were given an ID number from the National Insurance Institute (77) and have no bank account

Will receive the grant at the Post Bank upon presentation of a card issued by the National Insurance Institute upon receipt of the identification number.

Those who do not have a card (card lost or did not arrive) or whose passport number has changed and does not match the one appearing on the card –must submit a new card application to us by email at or by fax at 02-6709633. Inquiries on other matters will not be handled.

Please specify the following details:

  • Up-to-date mailing address, mobile or landline telephone, e-mail, valid passport photocopy.
  • Those whose passport number has changed – will also attach a photocopy of the previous passport whose number matches that of the card.
  • The card will be issued and mailed within a few days to the address specified in the application.

Please note, persons qualifying for the grant have to come in person to the post office with above mentioned identity documents.

When the grant will be paid?

On your Personal Service online account page, you can review the details of the bank account used for payment of the grant, as well as the payment date and amount of the grant.

Important notice!

  • Debts will not be offset from the grant and the grant can be withdrawn within 30 days, without foreclosures from the bank. The grant will only be offset for those incurring an alimony debt for which enforcement proceedings have been initiated.
  • Discharged soldiers (discharged from IDF or from national-civil service on January 2020 onwards), are entitled to NIS 500 from the Division and Foundation for discharged soldiers, in addition to the sum transferred by the National Insurance Institute.