Child orphaned and child eligible for a special benefit (abandoned child)

Eligible for the benefit

  • A child, Israeli resident, who has been abandoned by his parents or by one of them and the other is absent and unable to fulfill his parent duties towards the child
  • Orphaned child
  • A child who abandoned his parent's home
  • A child entitled to a survivors pension, may be entitled to a income supplement benefit, if the child does not live with the second parent.

Further details on conditions of entitlement, entitlement period and ways to submit a claim can be found on the website in this link.

Ineligible for the benefit

  • Adopted child
  • Children placed in an institution with accommodations which receives government funding (such as boarding school or foster family), will not be eligible for the benefit. However, a child placed in a boarding school will be entitled to the benefit during the period spent on vacation away from the institution.