Who are potential recipients of children benefits?

The NII decides to whom a benefit for a child shall be paid according to the rules below:

  • Child living with his parents – the father or the mother will receive payment of the benefit for the child. 
  • When the child has no parents or when his parents are unable to assume their duties towards him, and a guardian has been appointed by a court – the benefit is paid to the guardian.
  • Child in custody of someone else than his parents (usually a close relative) – the benefit will be paid to the child's custodian. In such cases, the custodian of the child has to approach the NII in order to be appointed has receiver of benefits related to the child. The Institute will examine the request and rule on the matter.
  • Child age 18 or older – May himself receive the benefit, on his own bank account.
  • Child aged 16 and older, and under 20 – May contact the NII and request to receive the benefit on its own. The NII will determine whether his request should be approved or not. The benefit will on the bank account opened in his name.
  • If no valid payment receiver is to be found. There is a possibility to appoint the "Israeli Center for Legal Guardianship".