Determination of residency

Is considered as a Israeli resident, a person whose center of life is in Israel.

For the purpose of examining the "center of life", an individual must pass two tests:

  • Objective test - his place of residence is actually in Israel, he works in Israel, he owns a property in Israel and the like.
  • Subjective test - according to this individual's point of view, this place is the center of his life.

A person may still be considered as an Israeli resident  when he or she is staying abroad, if this stay is temporary (for instance: to study, to tour, or for temporary employment), and as long as his center of life remains in Israel. In general, the National Insurance Institute continues to recognize a person as an Israeli resident during the first five years that followed his departure from Israel.

Steps to be undertaken to settle residency

If you were an Israeli resident in the past and are back to live in Israel, you may settle your residency and that of your family by one of the following means:

Prior to arrival in Israel

You can complete, before arriving in Israel, an online declaration form to be recognized as a returning resident on our website.

The form must be filled out 30 days prior to your return to Israel.

Please note, you must fill out the form only if you intend to return to and live permanently in Israel, and after having undertaken actions indicating the end of your center of life abroad.

After arrival in Israel

If you did not submit a form before your arrival in Israel, you can settle residency after arriving in Israel by one of the following means:

  1. Short track through the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption
    If you have lived abroad for 5 full years, or were entitled to a "returning minor" or "immigrating citizen" permit, you might submit a short track residency request at the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption. More information can be found on the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption's website.
  2. Regular track
    After your arrival to Israel, you have to complete a questionnaire to determine residency for a returning resident and submit it to National Insurance Institute.
    To the questionnaire shall be attached documentation showing the end of your center of life abroad (for instance sale of properties and employment termination) and documents showing that your center of life has moved to Israel (for instance shipment of possessions to Israel, rental of an apartment, employment contract, registration of children in schools).
    The questionnaire and documents must be submitted to the Insurance and Collection Department of the branch of the National Insurance Institute nearest your place of residence or sent by means of the internet site.