Payment of advances to the wounded brought to hospitals

​In the upcoming days, we will transfer automatically an advance payment of several thousands Shekel to the wounded who have reached hospitals
The advance payment will provide an immediate aid for the needs of the wounded, in parallel to the continuing care of the National Insurance to wounded individuals and to their families.

How to receive the advance payment?

The advance will be transferred on the wounded persons' bank accounts. The names of wounded individuals are communicated to us by the Ministry of Health, as well as by our personnel in the hostile actions and rehabilitation departments who reached out to most wounded people in hospitals, help them with taking up their rights and providing to each injured a dedicated rehabilitation worker who will remain personally in touch with him or her.

  • At first, an advance payment amounting to NIS 5,000 will be transferred to cope with early arrangements.
  • Besides, we will transfer another advance of between NIS 3,500 and 6,000, according to the situation and the needs of the family, in the framework of the Rehabilitation Department of the National Insurance.

We wish you a full and prompt recovery!