National call center for Alzheimer sufferers and their families

​National call center, free of charge, to Alzheimer sufferers and their family members 03-5599333, operating 24/7

This call center is an innovative service created by the National Insurance Institute in cooperation with the Medical Center for Alzheimer.

The center's team provides professional counseling and support, free of charge, in order to bring relief and a great life quality to the sufferer and the members of his or her family.

  • Call center's team

The center is staffed a nurse or a social worker specialized in the treatment of persons suffering from dementia diseases and Alzheimer.

If necessary, the center's team is assisted by other professionals specializing in Alzheimer, such as physicians, dietician, physiotherapist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, and more.

  • Home visits 

The call center provides one time home visit by a nurse/social worker/physician for counseling purpose.

The visit is conditional on the decision of the professional team. Currently, home visits are made up to a distance of 30km radius from the Medical Center for Alzheimer.

  • Counseling and Information

The call center provides counseling and information on the following topics:

  • Various types of dementia diseases, Alzheimer, stroke and more.
  • Diagnosing dementia diseases.
  • Prevention of dementia diseases.
  • Rights including guardianship and power of attorney.
  • Tools to cope with behavioral disorders and communication difficulty.
  • Services in the community.
  • Providing immediate support and guidance to family members.

Please note, the service is provided by representatives from the Medical Center for Alzheimer.