Human Response Hotline

You can access a wide array of services over the phone:

Telephone response at your local branch – for the following issues only: Collection from employers, rehabilitation.

National hotline (human response) the number from any landline or cell phone is *6050 or 04-8812345

The service is available Sunday-Thursday between 08:00 and 17:00 in four languages: Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and Amharic.

After service hours, callers will reach an automated response system which can be accessed by imputing one's pin code

Services provided by the human response hotline:
 General information
personal information
 Ordering authorizations the authorization will be sent to your home by mail.
 Debt payments  via credit card, including information regarding outstanding depts.
 Ordering payment stubs
 Ordering blank forms and information pamphlets.
Please note!

In order to receive telephone service you must have your ID number and pin code.
 If you do not have a pin code, you will be asked to identify yourself by means of a number of questions, in order to guarantee insofar as possible that information about you will not reach non-authorized parties.

A pin code can be ordered here, or by calling the hotline. A card nearing the code will be sent to your home. Pin codes ordered by phone or over the internet will be sent to your address as it appears in the NII listings.

Pin code can also be obtained at NII branches.

Please note that, when calling the hotline, if a pin code already exists for you, the system will always ask you for it. If you do not know your pin code and would like to receive it, please ignore the request to punch in the code, and wait to be transferred to a service representative; then ask him/her to send the pin code to your address.

You cannot submit claims or documents or report changes in personal information over the telephone.