Personal services site

To join the service you can order a user name and password for entering the personal services site ( the method is available for persons age 18 or over who have a amartphone), or you can apply at one of the NII's local branches and you will recive a user name and a password to enter the personal services site.

What can you do on the site?

  • Check basic information about yourself at the NII: residency, NII status (employee, self-employed or non-worker). 
  • Access information about your benefits: the status of your claim, a list of the benefit payments that you have received.
  • Access information regarding your payment of insurance contributions:  financial statement, debt/credit balance, advance payments, future charges, etc.
  • Print authorizations: authorization of receipt of benefits, authorization of annual payments, annual authorization for income tax purposes, authorization of work periods.
  • View the letters that were sent to you from the NII over the past two years.
  • Pay by credit card.
  • Submit a claim for a reservists' benefits - for a self-employed worker, non-worker or student (including yeshiva student). 
  • Changing your bank account for purposes of receiving the reservist's benefit
  • Get a pin code for accessing information over the phone and at the self-service stations.
  • Access a personal bulletin board for taking up your rights.
  • Download forms.


At your service,

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View an informational video regarding the personal services site.

The personal service site.

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