Housewife (married woman who is not working)

According to the national Insurance Law a “housewife” is a resident of Israel who is married (or a common-law wife), whose husband is insured with the National Insurance, and who is not a salaried employee or self-employed.

Within the definition of a housewife, the following are not included:

  • A married woman (or common-law wife) whose husband is not insured
  • An abandoned wife
  • A housewife who receives a general disability pension

A housewife is exempt from payment of national and health insurance contributions.

A housewife is covered by Health Insurance and entitled to the full “basket of services” provided under to the National Health Insurance Law. Furthermore she is entitled to all of the national insurance benefits except for those intended to compensate for loss of income from work.

Regarding disability pension, old-age and survivors’ pensions there are special regulations relating to a housewife, and they are detailed on this site.


A widow who receives a survivors’ pension or a work injury dependents benefit—all the special regulations relating to a housewife regarding an old-age pension, relate to her as well.