Income support benefit

​A woman hurt in domestic violence may be entitled to an income support benefit.

The income support benefit is a family allowance, yet in case of domestic violence, one may examined your eligibility for a benefit separately from your spouse, if you find yourself in one of the following situations:

  • You experienced physical abuse - your eligibility for a benefit will be reviewed if you and your spouse are not living together, or if you are living in the same household and your spouse is not entitled to income support, and you are not receiving any alimony, and you are not fully provided for by your spouse.
  • You are staying in a shelter for abused women - detailed information about eligibility for a benefit to women staying in a shelter, click here.
  • You experienced economic abuse - in case of economic abuse, you will be able to receive a benefit, under certain conditions, directly on your bank account.

Detailed information about the conditions of entitlement to the benefit, claim submission and benefit rate, can be found on the income support site.
A calculator is also available to calculate the benefit amount you will receive if you are working.