Department of Public Inquiries

The purpose of the NII's Department of Public Inquiries is to be an address for the community of insured persons who wish to complain on any matter within the areas of activities of the National Insurance Institute.

Before approaching the Department, it is recommended to exhaust all other contact means either via the website, using a Personal Inquiries Form or a General Questions Form, or via the call center, or even at branches and self-service stations.

To receive fast handling, please mind to the following details:

  • Personal details must be mentioned: first name, last name, full ID number.
  • Full address postal code included must be indicated. The answer will be sent at the requested address only if it has been properly updated in NII's records.
  • It is preferable to be succinct and mention only essential elements which would facilitate the examination of the application.
  • You may not inquire on matters that are currenlty pending in judicial court or were already ruled in judicial proceeding.
  • An inquiry to the Department of Public Inquiries do not suspend any other proceeding, including enforcement proceedings and periods stipulated by Law for the submission of an appeal.

Application methods:

Telephone response:

The telephone response of the Department of Public Inquiries is dedicated solely to clarifications regarding the handling of inquiries already submitted to the Department.

For other clarifications, one must contact the national call center.

Department's telephone response hours: from Monday through Thrusday, between 13:00 - 15:00.

Tel: 02-6709070