Complaint to the Department of public inquiries

​The service of public inquiries of the National Insurance is the address for insured people willing to complain about any issue related to the fields of activity of the National Insurance.

Before contacting the Public Inquiries Department, we advise you to first explore the possibility of inquiring through the website by means of a personal inquiries form or general questions form, and the possibility of contacting our call center, branches and other channels.

For a fast processing, please see to give the following details:

  • One must give personal information: first name, last name, full identity card number.
  • One must mention a full mailing address, zip code included. A response will be sent to the desired address, only if it is updated in the system of the National Insurance.
  • It is advisable to be brief and only mention essential points that will ease the examination of the request.
  • A request sent to the Public Inquiries Department will not suspend any other proceedings, including enforcement proceedings, nor time limits set forth by law for filing appeal.

Inquiry options:

  • On the website
  • By mail: Public Inquiries Department, Weizmann boulevard. 13, Jerusalem 9543707
  • By fax: 02-6525038

Telephone response:
The telephone response of the Public Inquiries Department is only intended for information regarding inquiries already sent to the Department. For other information, one must contact the national call center.
Department's telephone response operating hours: From Sunday to Thursday, between 13:00 and 15:00.
Tel 02-6709070