Conditions of entitlement

​In order to be entitled to accident injury benefit, you have to meet ALL conditions below:

First condition: Residency

You are an Israeli resident.

Second condition: Age

You are over 18 years old and have not yet reached retirement age.

Third condition: You have an accident affecting your functioning capacity

You have suffered an accident, either in Israel or abroad, and are unable to function due to this accident.

Functioning level is examined in accordance with your occupational situation:

  • Salaried employee - if you are unable to perform your job or any other suitable work, and you do not have any sick days left to utilize.
  • Self-employed worker - if you are unable to perform your job or any other suitable work.
    Neither salaried nor self-employed individual - if you are hospitalized or in home confinement.
  • Housewife - if you are unable to perform household tasks.

Please note, if the accident happened during and due to your work, you have to check your eligibility for work-injury benefit, and not accident injury benefit.

Fourth condition: Medical examination

You must undergo a medical examination within 72 hours of the time of the accident.

A person who is not examined within 72 hours of the time of the accident, since the medical prejudice caused by the injury has been discovered within 2 weeks of the accident, you may be entitled to accident injury benefit, upon approval of the NII.

Fifth condition: You are not entitled to an other compensation

You will receive accident benefits only if you are not entitled to any other payment from an other entity, with respect to the period of loss of work or functioning capacity.

For instance: sick pay from employer, payment according to Road Accident Victims Compensation Law, or based on work agreement and the like.

Furthermore, you will not be entitled to accident injury benefit if you are in military service; if you are incarcerated, or if the accident happened when you were institutionalized for a medical treatment or long-term care.

If you are a recipient of another NII benefit, you may receive, in certain circumstances, accident injury benefit as well - to check the possibility of receiving more than one benefit, click here.