Application for recognition by the certifying authority

A Prisoner of Zion or the family members of a Prisoner of Zion or martyrs, who wish to be recognized by certifying authority  in the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, should fill out the appropriate form (the link to the forms appear below), together with all the required documents, and submit it to the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, the Authority for Determining Eligibility for Benefits for Prisoners of Zion, to Ms. Galit Cohen, 2 Kaplan St., Jerusalem 91950. Tel. 02-6752751.

Recognition by the certifying authority

The competent authority in the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption will examine and verify the information on the request form, and determine whether or not to recognize the person as a Prisoner of Zion, relative of Prisoner of Zion, or relative of martyr.

The authority may decline or delay handling of the claim of a person who did not provide the required information. A person whose request has been denied by the authority is entitled to appeal the decision to an appeals committee, through the authority.

The request of a person who has been recognized by the authority, together with all the attached documents, will be transferred to the National Insurance Institute, and the Institute will contact the Prisoner of Zion to continue handling his request for benefits.