Benefit payment

The benefit is paid as of the 1st of the month on which the claim was submitted , and continues to be paid for as long as the benefit recipient is an Israeli resident and citizen.

The benefit is paid into the bank account registered in the name of the insured person only, on the 28th of every month for that month.

In order to change the place of payment, please submit a request on the form Notification of Personal Detail Update, and attach a cancelled check or an authorization from the bank.

If your entitlement to benefit has expired, or if a change has occurred in the amount of your benefit in the course of the month, the benefit shall cease to be paid or its amount shall be changed from the 1st of the following month.

If an entitled person goes abroad for a period of over 6 months – he will not be entitled to benefit for the period after the first six months, unless he went abroad on a national or public mission or in order to get medical treatment – all within a period of time authorized by the National Insurance Institute.

A Prisoner of Zion who has no dependents and who is in an institution for disabled persons, elderly persons, etc, at the expenses of the State, the Jewish Agency or a local authority – the benefit paid him shall be decreased by 75% beginning on the fourth month of his residence in the institution, for as long as he resides there.

Double benefits

  1. If there is entitlement to more than one benefit under this law, the entitled person will receive one benefit only, according to his choice.
  2. A disabled person who receives a benefit for a disabled Prisoner of Zion and for whom a disability degree has been determined by the General Disability branch as well – will be paid the former benefit only.

Change in personal information

The insured person must inform the National Insurance Institute of any changes in his personal information, such as address, marital status or medical condition, attaching the relevant documents (for example, if he married – a photocopy of the marriage certificate).

This information should be sent to the Prisoners of Zion Department of the National Insurance Institute.

Withholding of such information may affect continuation of benefit payment.