Other benefits for a disabled Prisoner of Zion

A disabled prisoner of Zion is entitled to participation of the National Insurance Institute in expenses related to medical treatment, hospitalization, recuperation, medical appliances relatedt to the recognized injury.
Vocational rehabilitation
7 days’ vacation pay (in effect from June 8, 1992), benefits grant (in effect from August 1999) and a discount on municipal taxes (up to 66%).

Medical treatment

The medical treatment will be provided by means of the sick funds and the hospitals that are authorized to give medical services for the impairments recognized by the Medical Board.

You can receive reimbursement of purchases of medical accessories related to the injury that were not provided by the sick funds. Furthermore, you can receive reimbursement of dental treatment related to the injury.

In order to receive these reimbursements, it is possible to send documents and receipts by means of the website of the National Insurance Institute, service centers at branches or in the service box at the NII branch's entrance. An NII doctor will authorize the reimbursement.

Annual benefits

In January are paid convalescence pay for 7 days.

In August, a grant that includes various annual benefits is paid.

Vocational rehabilitation

Disabled persons who are entitled to a disability pension will receive vocational rehabilitation in accordance with the NII regulations. Please contact the Rehabilitation Department of your local NII branch.


A discount in the payment of Arnona municipal tax (up to 66%). Notice of eligibility is sent to municipalities.