Determining the percentage of medical disability

The medical board determines the percentage of your disability according to a list of medical examinations for the determination of disability degrees, specified in the National Insurance regulations. The list contains a defined percentage of disability for every medical impairment.

For example: For a person whose leg was amputated at the hip, the doctor will establish a degree of medical disability of 80%, according to section 47 (6) (a) of the List of Examinations.

The above list of medical examinations appears on the website in the "Rules and Regulations Section", in the List of Examinations.

Establishing a percentage of disability for two or more medical impairments

If the examinee suffers from several impairments and the doctor determined separate percentages for each impairment, the overall percentage of disability will be determined by a weighted calculation of medical disability percentages (and not by adding the percentages).

For example: If the doctor established a medical disability for two impairments as follows:

  • For the first impairment involving the back - 20%;
  • For the second illness involving the leg - 10%;

the calculation will then be made as follows:
20% for the back impairment (20% disability of the back, calculated out of 100%)


8% for the leg impairment (10% disability of the leg out of 80% - which is the remaining percentage after reduction of the 20% disability out of a possible 100%)


= 28% total disability

Medical disabilities that are not taken into consideration in determining the percentage of disability (“screened” impairments)

The list of examinations includes medical impairments which, in the regulations, are not listed as affecting the capacity to work and to earn, in other words, the doctor determined that the impairments exist, but they will not be taken into consideration in establishing the general percentage of disability.

For example: If a person has undergone the amputation of two ribs on one side and, under Impairment Section 38 (1) (b) (4), the doctor determined a 10% medical disability for him, this percentage will not be taken into account in determining the overall percentage of disability ("screened" impairment).