Establishing degrees of incapacity to earn or to perform housekeeping tasks

The National Insurance Institute claims officer decides whether the insured is “disabled” or a “disabled housewife” and establishes the degree of incapacity after consulting with a certified physician and a rehabilitation officer of the National Insurance Institute. The possible degrees of incapacity are 60%, 65%, 74% and 100%.

In determining the degree of earning incapacity, the officer considers the extent to which the insured’s impairments affect his ability to work and earn a salary, his ability to return to his job (full-time or part-time) and his ability to perform different work or to learn a new occupation (according to his education, physical capacity and the state of his health).

Establishing the degree of incapacity to perform housekeeping tasks, the officer considers  the extent to which the housewife’s impairments affect her ability to perform routine housekeeping tasks. The housewife’s ability to function is examined at special institutes for functional evaluation.

Establishing the degree of incapacity for a limited time

As long as the medical or functional condition of the disabled person or the disabled housewife is unstable, or as long as the vocational rehabilitation of the disabled person is still in progress, the claims officer may determine a degree of incapacity for a limited time, which may be two years at most. At the end of that time, the degree of incapacity is re-examined.

Incapacity of less than 50% does not entitled you to a pension.