Fast track for persons with severe disabilities

In order to make it easier for persons with severe disabilities, their claims will be given priority and handled under a "fast track" process; the National Insurance Institute endeavor to complete the handling of these claims within 30 days after receipt of the claim.

Claimants eligible for fast track handling:

  • Persons having a malignant disease who are undergoing active treatment of this disease, or are in a terminal condition;
  • Persons ill with ALS who are receiving RILUTEK treatment;
  • Persons with a mental impairment of a medical degree of at least 50%.
  • Person with mental retardation of a medical degree of at least 40% (recognized by the Ministry of Welfare)
  • Persons with severe tuberculosis;
  • Persons in the first year after a transplant of a kidney, heart, lung, liver, pancreas or marrow;
  • Persons with a severe or infective disease who are receiving active treatment for this disease.