Payment of a disability pension to a person hospitalized in a public institution

​A disabled person who stays in an institution as an inpatient, receives everything he needs from the institution in which he is hospitalized. Therefore, a person entitled to a disability pension who is hospitalized in an institution that is a public body (such as Mental Health Centers and institutions acknowledged by the Ministry of Social Affairs), and more than half of his personal expenses are covered  by the institution in which he is hospitalized, his pension will be divided between the entitled and the public institution.

The pension share will be performed after 90 days of stay in the institution. When at least 60 of them were consecutive and the remainder were accrued over the 12 months preceding the request for pension share filed by the institution.

The public institution is responsible for submitting a request for pension share to the Insurance Institute.

The rates of pension shares vary according to the pension entitlement of the disabled, increment for a spouse and children, and type of hospitalization.

The amount of the pension for institution inpatient is: NIS 1,227 (as of Jan 01, 2024) for all disability degrees.