Benefit payment

The disabled child allowance is paid on your bank account on the 28th of each month.

For some months of the year, the payment date of the benefit may vary on the occasion of holidays. The dates of payment are updated on the payment calendar (in Hebrew).

Retroactive Payment

You may receive a disabled child allowanve retroactively for up to one year prior to the date of submission of the claim, depending on the medical impairment.

If the benefit is paid due to developmental delay, you may receive retroactive payment for up to six months prior to claim submission.

Payment when the child is abroad

One of the parameters of eligibility for a disabled child allowance is the child being in Israel.

If the child leaves the country, the benefit is generally paid for a period of three months following his travel abroad, provided that the benefit payment started at least two months before the travel.

The benefit is paid beyond a period of three months in the following cases:

  • Medical treatment - Benefit payment may continue for a period of 24 months, if this medical treatment is not available in Israel or there is not sufficient experience in providing this treatment in the country.
  • Mission for an Israeli employer - Benefit payment may continue for a period of 24 months, if the parent is sent on a special mission for an Israeli employer and the employer continues to pay insurance contributions for him.
  • Mission abroad on the behalf of the country - If the child traveled abroad because his parents were sent by the country on a mission abroad, the benefit will be paid during the entire period of the mission (i.e. Foreign Mission).

In all above cases, please contact the National Insurance Institute before travelling abroad.

Payment when the child is institutionalized

When a disabled child is permanently placed in an institution (dormitory) which provides medical, nursing or rehabilitation services, he is not entitled to a benefit.

If the child received a disabled child allowance before being institutionalized, his parents must report the child's admission to the institution. Benefit payment will discontinue from the first day of the month following the child's institutionalization.

Payment when a child is hospitalized

When a disabled child, receiving a benefit, has been hospitalized, benefit payment will continue for a period of one year following the date of admission.

After a year since hospitalization, his entitlement to a benefit will be evaluated again, based on the causes of hospitalization:

  • Hospitalization for therapy or rehabilitation - Benefit payment may continue beyond the one year period.
  • Hospitalization for other causes - This situation being considered as an institutionalization, benefit payment will therefore end.