Examining eligibility separately from the spouse

​One of the conditions of entitlement to income support benefit concerns the level of your income.
The maximum amount of income allowing to receive a full or partial benefit, is determined according to your age and family status. Incomes of all family members are taken into account.

Your eligibility for the benefit is examine separately from your spouse in the following cases:

  • Your spouse is  detained or arrested for more than 30 days - an authorization from the Prisons Service must be presented regarding the period of arrest of your spouse.
  • You and your spouse live separately (not under the same roof), and do not support each other financially, for 30 consecutive days at least. A woman living separately from her spouse has to claim alimony for herself in court against him, unless her spouse is handicapped and has no other income than his disability pension, or unless the spouses live separately for more than 12 months.
  • You manage a common household, and your spouse do not support you financially and is obligated by a court order to pay alimony to you. You must provide the court order on alimony.
  • Risk of physical harm - your spouse do not support you financially - and you are reluctant to claim alimony for fear of being physically harmed.