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Birth grant

A birth grant is a payment made to a new mother to cover some of the initial expenses of the birth.


Conditions for entitlement

A woman who gave birth in a hospital or was hospitalized immediately after the childbirth is entitled to a birth grant, if she falls under one of the following categories:

  • An Israeli resident or the wife of an Israeli resident (even if the birth took place outside of Israel).
  • A woman who has been working in Israel or whose spouse has been working and employed in Israel for at least the six consecutive months preceding the birth, even if they are not Israeli residents (except for residents of the Palestinian autonomous areas), provided that the birth took place in Israel.

If the woman who gave birth is no longer alive, her spouse or the newborn's guardian is entitled to receive the birth grant.

How to submit the claim

The birth grant is generally paid to new mothers automatically, and there is no need to submit a claim. The new mother should bring her identity card as well as her spouse's identity card to the hospital and to provide it with either her or her spouse's bank account number.

In the following cases a claim must be submitted to the NII in order to receive the birth grant:

  • If the new mother is an Israeli resident  or the wife of an Israeli resident who gave birth overseas.
  • If the baby was born in an Israeli medical institution which has no arrangement with the NII (except for births in the autonomous Palestinian area).
  • Parents who adopted a child or whose child was born to a surrogate mother.
One must complete a claim for a birth grant and submit it to the National Insurance Institute branch closest to their place of residence. The claim may be submitted by mail, fax or in the service box of the local branch.

The grant will be paid into the applicant's bank account.

Benefit rates

The birth grant is paid within a month of birth into the new mother’s bank account into which the child allowance is paid and. For a first birth - the grant will be deposited into the bank account provided at the hospital.

Amount of the birth grant (Updated to Jan 01, 2017)

  • For the first child in a family: NIS 1,751 .
  •  For the second child in a family: NIS 788 .
  • For the third child and for every additional child in a family: NIS 525 .
  •  For twins: NIS 8,757 .
  • For triplets: NIS 13,136 .

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