Heating grant

A heating grant is a lump sum grant, paid once a year to recipients of an old-age pension, survivors' pension or special old-age benefit, who meet the following two conditions:

  • He or she has reached retirement age.
  • He or she receives an income supplement to a benefit in one of the months: October, November or December of the same year; or has received a disability pension before beginning to receive the old-age pension, and continues to receive the old age pension at the same rate his disability pension was paid in the past.

The grant is for a family and amounts to NIS 563 (as of Jan 01, 2020). It is paid automatically as an addition to the pension during the month of October.

Please note, in 2016, only those who met above criteria and were living in an area defined as "cold area", were entitled to the grant.
Since 2017, heating grant is paid to all eligible persons regardless of their place of residence.