How to submit the claim

To receive an old-age pension, one must submit a claim near to the day one reaches the age of entitlement to an old-age pension.

About one month before reaching retirement age, a claim form for old- age pension will be sent to you automatically, to your address as it appears in the records of the Ministry of Interior.

The insured's private information are already filled in the forms that are sent to them and, for women, a sheet regarding accumulated insurance periods is also attached to the form.

Documents to be submitted

Information about your income must be attached to the claim:

  • Employee - last pay slip and authorization from the employer regarding the termination/restriction of work.
  • Self-employed - Income declaration
  • Other income - authorizations regarding income from rent (rental agreement) and income from interests or dividends (if so).
  • To examine eligibility for increment for a spouse - information/authorizations about the spouse's income must be provided in attachment.

How to send documents

The claim and attached documents may be sent by the following means:

Retroactive payment 

  • A person who submitted a claim after reaching the age of entitlement to an old-age pension (the second age) will be entitled to retroactive payment for a maximum of 48 months from the day the claim was submitted. One year may also be within the age of retirement, depending on your incomes.
    For instance: a man aged 72  submits a claim - he will receive a pension retroactively for two years (24 months), in other words, the period between the day the claim was submitted and that of his reaching the age of entitlement - 70. Moreover, he will receive a pension for one additional year (12 months) from retirement age and the age of entitlement, since that year is within 4 years counted from the day the claim was submitted, provided that he meets the conditions of the income test.

Recipients of other benefits from the National Insurance Institute, please note:
Upon reaching retirement age, you must submit a claim for an old-age pension.
Transition from other benefits to old-age pension.