Partial old age pension from retirement age to the age of entitlement to an old age pension

If you monthly work income is higher than the “maximum income” allowed per month - you may receive a partial pension.

The maximum income is determined according to your family status (single or couple), and your spouse's entitlement to a pension. To learn more about the maximum income, click here.

How the partial pension is calculated?

  1. We deduct the maximum amount from your work income.
  2. 60% of the resulting amount is deducted from the pension to which your are entitled.

For instance: a single individual earning work income of NIS 7,014 NIS per month, his maximum amount amounts to NIS 6,014 (as of Jan 01, 2020) and he is entitled to a pension with maximum seniority increment of NIS 2,338, his partial pension will be calculated as follows:




Amount of partial pension to receive - NIS 1,738

Important information

  • The minimum amount of partial pension one may receive amounts to NIS 156 (as of Jan 01, 2020).
  • If you are not eligible for a partial pension or if you waived it, the period of time in which one does not receive the partial old-age pension is taken into account in calculating one's seniority increment and pension deferral increment, when you will become eligible for the pension.