An orphan is a child of the deceased at the time of his death (including a stepchild, an adopted child or grandchild, for whom the deceased was the sole source of support, except for a married teenage boy or girl), if he or she meets one of the following conditions:

  • He is not 18 year old yet.
  • He is not 20 year old yet, if completing studies in a post-elementary educational institution or studying for high school diploma or having a learning impairment and studying in a framework recognized by the National Insurance Institute.
  • He is not 20 year old yet, and is in a pre-army framework of the IDF (Kadatz/Taratz are frameworks that have been recognized in this context).
  • He is not 20 year old yet, and studies in an educational institution, approved by the law, such as high Yeshiva, university, college or vocational training, for 20 hours per week at least.
    List of educational institutions approved by the law (in Hebrew)
  • He is not 21 year old yet, and is volunteering for a public goal for up to 12 months, and his army service has been deferred due to this volunteer service.
  • He is not 24 year old yet, and is serving in the IDF in compulsory service (period of entitlement is 36 months).
  • He is not 24 year old yet, and is voluntarily serving in a national service framework (recognized by the National Insurance Institute).
  • He is not 24 year old yet, studies in an "Atuda" and has deferred his or her army service due to studies.