Living allowance for children



Living allowances are paid for orphans children (as of the 9th grade) who attend an educational institution and devote most of their time their studies.

Living allowances are paid to the parent or the person who take care of the children (guardian).

Please note, if a public entity receives a survivors pension on behalf of the child, living allowance will not be paid to that public entity. In this case, the child's family (parent, relatives or guardian) are those entitled to living allowance for the child.

Conditions of entitlement

The conditions of entitlement to a living allowance are:

  • The child is an orphan for whom is paid a survivors’ pension or a special survivors’ benefit.
  • Studies - the child achieved 8 years of studies, and attends an educational institution in Israel where he studies at least 24 hours per week in school, vocational training, high Yeshiva, University or College.
  • Age - the child is under age 20.
  • The orphan's support is not covered by the State.

Income test

The parent can be entitled to living allowance for the child if his income and those of the child are below NIS 13,532 per month.
If the parent has more than one child, the amount of income entitling to the payment of living allowance increases by NIS 831 for each child.
For instance: for a parent with two children, the amount of allowed income is NIS 15,194 per month.
Please note, the income from allowances paid by the National Insurance Institute and the child's income from work are not take into account. Moreover, if the parent is a salaried employee, other incomes are not taken into account, such as: survivors' pension (up to NIS 9,120 ), benefits from the Ministry of Defense and from the Treasury.


Living allowance rates (as of Jan 01, 2023)

The monthly amount of living allowance is determined in accordance with the survivors' pension paid to the parent:

  • If the parent is paid a survivors' pension and increment for a child - living allowance amounts to NIS 625 .
  • If the parent is paid any survivors' pension - living allowance amounts to NIS 865 .

Please note, an orphaned from both parents, who receives two survivors' pensions, is entitled to a double amount of living allowance.

Submitting a claim for living allowance

Before the start of the school year, the National Insurance Institute sends out the form Claim for a Living Allowance to the parent.

Each school year, a claim for living allowance is to be submitted, with an authorization from the school regarding the child's studies and incomes certificates in attachment.

The form and authorizations may be sent by means of the website or submitted to your local branch.