Supplement for a disabled person on a respirator

As of April 1, 2015, a supplement is being paid to the benefit for special services for the a handicapped person using a respirator. The supplement is NIS 1,850 (as of Jan 01, 2020) per month, and this payment replaces that from the Ministry of Welfare until that date.

Conditions of entitlement to the supplement

Those satisfying the following two conditions are eligible for the supplement:

  1. He /she is entitled to a special services benefit at the high rate (188%).
  2. He/she complies with the description of a handicapped person using a respirator: A person needing to use a respirator continuously all day and all night to replace the natural action of breathing, where cessation of the respirator's action would cause the person's breathing to stop, thereby immediately and certainly endangering him/her.

By "respirator" is meant a machine which permanently replaces a person's breathing, and not an oxygen generator nor a device to help autonomous breathing.
The supplement is also paid to those who are eligible for a reduced benefit because of their income, as well as new immigrants receiving the benefit, if they satisfy the conditions.  

To receive the supplement

Eligibility for the supplement will be examined on receipt of the claim for the benefit, and there is no need to submit a special request for the supplement.

For purposes of recognizing someone as a handicapped person using a respirator, the benefit claim must be accompanied by authorization from the attending doctor (or family doctor), which specifies: diagnosis, indications for respirator, description of type of machine and date when permanent use of respirator began.

For those who already use a respirator, and consider that they might be eligible for the supplement but do not receive it – a form Request for re-examination of entitlement to attendance allowance should be submitted to the NII.