Simulator to check eligibility for private accident injury allowance

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This simulator is designed to check eligibility of a Israeli resident for private accident allowance.
This allowance is intended for people who have been injured in an accident at home, in vacation and leisure times, and this injury caused them aloss in their functioning capacity.
Regarding an accident in a work or volunterring framework - it is advised to check the right to be recognized as work-injury victim or injured in a volunteering framework.
A person suffering from physical, cognitive or mental disability, in a manner impairing his ability to work - should also check, beside accident allowance eligibility, potential entitlement to a general disability pension.

Please note,
  • A claim for private accident allowance must be submitted within 90 days of the accident and any delay might be of prejudice to your rights.
  • Eligibility for private accident allowance will only be established by a claims officer of the National Insurance.
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