Special payment for redeeming the waiting period

If you must spend a waiting period before being able to receive medical services, you can redem the waiting period with a special payment amounting to NIS 12,210 (as of Jan 01, 2020). This sum may be paid in one payment or several (up to 6) consecutive and equal installments.

One may receive health care services in Israel only after making the above payment or all due installments.

Payment method

The special payment can be paid by one of the following means:
  • By credit card on our payment website
  • By bank check - Please make sure that the exact amount of the special payment is written on the check, and that there is a separate check for every person who wishes to redeem the waiting period. This check must be deposited at a NII branch or sent by mail to the Health Care Department of the National Insurance Institute at 13 Weizman Blvd, Jerusalem 9100001.
The special payment can even be paid while you are still abroad, before your departure to Israel, and thereby be entitled to medical services upon your arrival in Israel, on condition that you have paid the entire special payment, proven that your center of life is in Israel and been recognized as an Israeli resident.

The special payment will not be reimbursed, whether or not you returned to Israel, (except for special cases). Therefore, before making the special payment, you should carefully check whether you meet the conditions for recognition as a returning resident.