Residence in a country that is a signatory to a social security convention with Israel

If you are residing in a convention country and pay social insurance contributions in that country, you should provide the department of insurance and collection of your local NII branch with a proper authorization, in order to determine whether you are exempt to pay national insurance contributions in Israel. The authorization will be verified pursuant to the existing convention with that country and the occupations covered by its scope.

Even if you are entitled to an exemption of national insurance contributions, as an Israeli resident, you are still required to pay health insurance contributions in Israel. If you have income, payment of health insurance contribuntion will be based on this income and at the rate determined by law.
If are not working and do not have any income, you will have to pay health insurance contribution at the minimal rate, amounting to NIS 116 (as of Jan 01, 2024).

Further information can be obtained under rights of Israeli residents under international conventions.